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Community Hubs are being established through a National program that links families and their preschool children to services and support, learning opportunities and the wider community.

A tailored approach

Each activity is decided by, and tailored to local mothers, fathers, carers and their children. Bilingual facilitators often provide support. This tailored approach can empower families to take advantage of life opportunities and help them to thrive in, and enjoy, their school and community.

“The opportunities in the Hub are endless. We aim to help parents identify what it is they need.”

Faye, Hub coordinator

What are the activities?

Activities can include:

  • mother and child English-language programs
  • bilingual story time, where stories are shared in each language
  • playgroups
  • parenting and family support programs
  • breakfast clubs that provide families with a nutritious breakfast and welcome them to meet in a relaxed environment with other local families.
  • homework clubs that provide study, tutoring and homework support for students. Mothers, fathers and carers can also attend and learn how to help with homework.
  • community kitchen and garden
  • volunteering
  • linking to settlement services and specialist services, e.g. GPs, child and family health nurses, speech pathologists and occupational therapists
  • training and education courses, e.g. English and computer classes and Certificate III courses
  • health and wellbeing workshops, e.g. tai chi, pilates and dance
  • special interest activities, e.g. camera club, cooking club, astronomy, beauty, history and sewing
  • get-togethers and other fun social events, e.g. coffee and chat, special community events.

“The Hub model says, you’re not always ready for an opportunity when it comes up, but if you’re supported to see the skills that you have, and you build a relationship with someone, they’ll take the next step, as long as they’ve got some support behind them.”

Maureen, Early childhood educator and Hub coordinator

Hub directory

Discover activities that Hubs are running now around Australia—take a look at the Hub directory.

Page last updated: 06th October, 2014

Our Partners

The National Community Hubs Program is an initiative of Community Hubs Australia, supported by the Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


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