The program

The Community Hubs program builds on strong foundations and success stories from the Hume City in Victoria and will expand in the coming years.

A model that works

Community Hubs builds on an existing and tested model in the Hume City where there are nine Early Years Hubs in primary schools. Through the Supporting Parents – Developing Children (SPDC) program, Early Years Hubs provide language, literacy and learning opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse families.

The learned experiences from this program have inspired much of the initial content of this website.

Success through working together

Community Hubs are planned around local needs. At the heart of the program’s success are many dedicated individuals and their strong relationships with one another. Mothers, fathers, carers, children, hub leaders, educators, principals, multicultural education aides, school management, volunteers, community professionals, training professionals, health professionals and local government all work together to connect, share and learn. Each individual and organisation plays an important part in making their Hub a success.

Overarching management and support structure

A defining feature of the Community Hubs program and a significant point of difference from other similar programs are the overarching management and support being provided for Community Hubs and the Community Hubs Leaders that are being funded to coordinate the activities, programs and services being provided within them. Community Hubs are being implemented through the Community Hubs Australia under the overall leadership and direction of a representative Governance Committee, Chaired by the Scanlon Foundation (SF).

Support Agencies within each State

Within each State, Support Agencies with strong background credentials and experience in early childhood education and with a good knowledge of settlement services for migrant families were appointed to assist with the initial development and ongoing operational support for the Community Hubs within each Local Government Area (LGA). Community hubs in six initial LGA's were selected through an Expression of Interest process with the assistance of the following Support Agencies and they have appointed the following Hub Support Coordinators to provide ongoing operational support:


State Support Agency Contact Person Hubs Responsible
Queensland Access Community Services Ltd

Grainne Taia

Community Hubs Support Coordinator


6 Community Hubs in City of Logan
New South Wales Settlement Services International

Fatima Kourouche

Community Hubs Coordinator


23 Community Hubs in Cities of:

4 Blacktown

9 Canterbury-Bankstown

6 Cumberland (Parramatta)

4 Fairfield

Victoria Hume City Council

Anna Boland 

Community Hubs Support Coordinator


15 Community Hubs in Hume City
  The Smith Family

Natasha Gomi

Community Hubs Support Coordinator


10 Community Hubs in Cities of:

5 Brimbank

5 Dandenong


Abdiaziz Farah


1 Community Hub in West Heidelberg

Community Hubs is expanding

In the coming years, Community Hubs aims to expand to 100 locations across Australia. Particular growth will be in areas where there are lots of families from low socioeconomic, migrant or refugee backgrounds.

An Independent Evaluation was undertaken of the initial Community Hubs program involving the 30 selected sites. This addressed the process of service delivery, including both the level of service provided and the manner in which the services are being provided. A customised Outcomes Evaluation Framework is currently being piloted in sample Hubs in Melbourne and Sydney. This focus on evaluation is providing valuable information for seeking ongoing support for the expansion of the program.

Community Hubs is funded by the Australian Government in partnership with the Scanlon Foundation and Community Hubs Australia.

The Community Hubs website if funded by the Scanlon Foundation in partnership with Community Hubs Australia.

Page last updated: 04th May, 2017

Our Partners

The National Community Hubs Program is an initiative of Community Hubs Australia, supported by the Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


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