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Training for Hub Leaders

Grainne Taia

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Joined 2014-06-04

Hi all,

I would like to know the types of topics that have been most meaningful with regards to training for hub leaders, particularly for in the first year of operation.

I am keen to know any details you can give including frequency of training, how this is negotiated between HL having non contact time to do the training; topics; other organisations you may have linked in with to provide the training; resources; etc

We are hoping to have a certain amount of non contact days per year for the HLs to participate in planning and training. We are currently trying to work out a suitable amount of days and how to set it up so everyone is available to attend. It is a tricky process…..


Grainne Taia
Community Hub Support Coordinator
Access Community Services Limited
Logan, QLD


Renate Gebhart-Jones

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We have the capacity to have the Hub leaders come in during the school holidays in NSW. So there is at least one day that is allocated to professional development each school holiday. I send out an email and Hub leaders let me know which days they can come. Content is based on the needs of the Hub leaders, so based on feedback we have focussed on Child protection, 5 days of Family Partnership training as a model for engaging with families, socio cultural planning for playgroups, Marte Meo as a means to identify strengths in families relationships with their children and how to notice what could be valuable to give feedback about. These holidays will be focussed on outcomes based planning, culturally reflective practice, and parent engagement resources and its benefits for children’s learning outcomes.

Renate Gebhart-Jones
NSW Manager, National Community Hubs Program


Maureen Leahy

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Hi Grainne,

While it is not specifically training related, I have found the scheduling of a Hub Strategy group meeting alternatively with our Hub Working Group meeting in the timetable, is a good way to keep informed as a Hub leader. Service agencies, Council and local organisations are invited to present at the Strategy meeting and they provide an overview of the scope of their services and how to refer families to them. Updates on their initiatives provides an opportunity for individual schools to link to the programs that are available and match with their families needs. The recent changes to VISA’s for new arrival families and which agency is involved for specific families, is an area we are keen to address in our next Hub Strategy Group. I also agree with Renate that the content of training is best based on the feedback from the Hub leaders. While good training can provide bebefits, I feel relevant training is most beneficial when it is available at the time we identify the need. We have recently found having a clinical supervision session brought a number of issues to the surface for some of our Hub leaders dealing with traumatic events in their community. The Hume Hubs are currently looking at putting together a local “support directory ” as a response document and the social worker at one of our Hub schools is coming to speak to the group at our next meeting.

Maureen Leahy
Community Hub Leader
Meadows Primary School Hub


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