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Use of text messages to contact families

Shelly Ingram

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Joined 2014-04-08

Does anyone use text messages to contact their families, and as a way of reminding parents about activites/programs happening?
I feel this would be extremely useful for my families, but as we dont have work phones, I dont feel comfortable using my personal mobile, therefore providing my personal number to everyone.


Fahriye Yilmaz

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Joined 2014-05-21

Hi Shelly,

My name is Fahriye, the Hub Coordinator at Coolaroo South Primary School.
You are absolutely right, the use of text message is an excellent method of communication and a great reminder to families about your programs and events you are running.  This only works well when you have a school mobile number.  We have this method in place and it has worked really well. Using your own mobile is not very practical.

Another method of communication which really worked well for us is the schools facebook page. We developed this page in 2013 and has been working very successfully.  We post photos and reminders of what is coming up in the community hub and even school ciriculum. Parents love seeing photos of their children while on an excursion or doing something exciting at school (particularly great for working parents who cant always be here).  Another positive thing about this is that parents post comments that support these events and adds another layer to building a positive community.

Good Luck!


Maria Marmarinos

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Joined 2015-05-18

Hi Shelly & Fahriye,
I use text messages and although its not ideal as its my personal phone I have unlimited texts on my plan and its the way I have established my database. Now the school has enews which is good too.


Lina Mourad

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Hi Ladies

This is Lina from Chester Hill PS hub in NSW.

I use SMS to communicate with parents via an online company that your school can register with.
It is very easy to use, and anyone from the administration staff, principal, teachers and yourself can become admins on it and have access.
The best thing about it is that it syncs with your school OASIS (parent database in your school) so you do not have to enter numbers in etc.

It does come at a cost including an annual subscription (depending on how many students at your school) and the cost of the sms credits which you purchase as bundles, but you can sell it to your school principal by saying that the school can use it aswell for reminders about excursions, school events etc.

google: mgm wireless and have a look

let me know if you have any other questions


Alison Rogers

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Joined 2014-03-24

Whilst I agree the use of text messages is advantageous especially around time constraints, I have found that the best way to engage with parents at Dandenong Primary School has been speaking to the parents directly over the phone.  When we have a workshop or program starting which the parents have expressed an interest to attend, a reminder call ensures improved attendance levels.  It is also an opportunity to touch base and can uncover other aspects which may be happening in their lives that the school can assist or refer to an external agency.


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