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National Hub Leader meeting 18-19 May 2015

Jane Muil

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Joined 2014-04-03

My reflection from today’s conference is overwhelmingly positive. It is very constructive being able to discuss challenges/barriers/solutions and best practice with other Community Hub Leaders. Reflecting on the process us Hub Leaders in QLD have to follow, being embedded within the primary school system, I believe it would be advantageous to involve the Principals in this process. Some things discussed here, for eg. the viability of creating a Hub Committee like in the Mount Druitt Community Hub, would need to be discussed with the Principal. I feel these discussions are integral to give our Principals a better understanding of what it is we are trying to achieve, and how we can best get there. Anyone have any suggestions or comments about this?


Grainne Taia

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Hi Jane,
I loved reading your reflection and I agree that it would be really important for the Principals to see what is happening in Victorian schools and to look at best practice when it comes to Community Hubs. I think our Principals would be keen especially if it were to line up with the Melbourn Cup :)
In the meantime we can present at our next Principals’ meeting on what we learned from our visit to Melbourne.
Thanks for posting !!


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