Helping Out Families

20th April 2015

As a Hub Leader I was approached by a family in the school who told me that her friend was in desperate need. The friend's partner had removed all items from his house and he was left with nothing except the walls and the floors of his house. This man also had two small children. My immediate reaction was concern and I started to explore what I could be doing for this family. I took my daughter to the shops that afternoon and we bought him the bare essentials for his kitchen like a kettle, toaster, pans, plates, bowls and cutlery so at least they had the basics to cook with. We delivered these items to him that afternoon.

I returned to work the next day with a mission and that mission was to try and help this family get some furniture for their house so that there could be some kind of normality in their lives. I was referred to Noelene from Logan’s Helping Hands so I gave her a call to explain what had happen and to plead for some kind of help for this family that had been left with nothing. I started to talk to people around the hub and the school. I had some wonderful parents bring in bags full of linen, quilt sets, bath mats, and clothes for the children and books. That afternoon we had a truck pull up and deliver a house full of furniture. The man in need was amazed and didn't understand how he got so lucky, I replied it was not that he was lucky but he was a part of a community and community always come together to help where they can. He was speechless and did not know what to say but the smile on his face said everything. Yesterday morning he was left with nothing and today he had a whole house full of love and somewhere he could call home again thanks to the wonderful support of Logan Helping Hands, the community members of St Francis and a Community Hub leader who went that extra mile to be helping our families within our community. Effort well done by all.

Helping Out Families Family in desperate need

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