Language & Fine Motor Skills

11th June 2015

Parents regularly attending our Dandy Pals Playgroup voiced interest in supporting their child's early development, especially around language, social and emotional learning and fine motor skills. They want to make it easier for their child to transition to kindergarten and then to school. With this in mind, I as the Hub Leader, brainstormed with a parent at the school, who had expressed a desire to support the school and be involved in a voluntary capacity. She has been a wonderful role model for parents as her young child also attends. We decided to trial a weekly program which initially was only Pre School Song and Dance. The hour then expanded to include craft based on low cost materials or recycled objects from home i.e. using toilet rolls or the end of carrots dipped in paint. The program has proved to be very successful, parents commenting on how this has provided craft ideas to use at home, recognising that even though it can be quite messy, if they set up the craft activity with paper, an old shirt or smock, it creates a special time to be with their child,to have fun and help develop fine motor skills. The program aims to encourage inutitive parenting skills through story, song, dance and craft. The feedback from parents and grandparents has been very positive. Not only does it support early childhood development, it provides a space to connect with other families and to link in to services or attend workshops held at the school. Each term we have a theme which is weaved through the hour long program. For this term we have had a rainbow theme using colours through songs, the story and the craft item made by the children. Today we made sheep using paper plates, cotton wool balls, black and white cardboard. Some weeks we provide an additional item that the volunteer parent has made, which provides other ideas for activities at home. It has been observed over the past year how the children are more able to be attentive, show interest and a greater ability to share.

Language & Fine Motor Skills Rainbow Craft Items

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