My First Community Hub Experience - Woodridge State Primary School Hub

17th September 2014

Hi, my name is Alissar Bou Orm, and I am a Griffith University Student undertaking the double degree in Child and Family Studies and Primary School Education. As part of my studies, I have been placed at the Woodridge State Primary School Community Hub for a period of ten weeks. During this time, I have been fortunate to meet and interact with families from migrant and refugee backgrounds mainly through the ESL and cooking classes. The Hub provides a variety of free activities that caters for families from diverse equity and cultural backgrounds. Other activities include playgroups, homework classes, and information sessions. The Learning Hub has teamed up and works in collaboration with Access Community Services to bring in new clients as well as interpreters to the information sessions. Throughout the weeks, I have been fortunate to connect with individuals from different cultural backgrounds through similar experiences and common languages. This is because clients from Sudan, Somalia, Iraq and Iran share a common language (Arabic) that I too speak.

Working with culturally and linguistic diverse background families, has been an unforgettable experience. One particular experience that has stuck with me from this placement is the amount of growth and confidence I have seen in our clients. I remember the first day one of our clients walked into the ESL classroom with very basic literacy skills. She barely said a word or two for the first few lessons. In the upcoming weeks, her growth has been incredible. She now communicates in sentences and has enough confidence to try and ask questions. It’s no secret that my favourite activities have been the ESL classes and the Cooking Hub. The ESL class has given me the opportunity to expand on and utilise new teaching strategies obtained from my teaching degree. As for the cooking class, what’s their not to love? Cooking and sharing recipes from all the different cultures, I mean who doesn’t love free food? After participating and teaching in the ESL, I have been asked to create a basic workbook that caters for low ESL learners as part of my project. The workbook contains content that I have implemented in the classroom and is inspired by my diverse learners. The workbook is divided into three sections, which will cater for the different levels and will be shared amongst other Hubs.

This experience has enriched my knowledge on the migrants and refugees as well as the different cultural groups in Logan that is of great benefit to my future practices in Human Services field.

My First Community Hub Experience - Woodridge State Primary School Hub Woodridge State Primary School Community Hub ESL Class

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