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04th November 2014

I have been lucky enough to have my former prac student, Amber Campbell come back in her own time and help deliver our first ran Pre Prep Program. Amber is in the final stages of her double degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education. She loved our school and the purpose of the Hub so much that she wanted to contribute to the great things that are happening in our community and enhance her skills and build her portfolio heading into becoming a teacher.

Together we have organised and planned a structured program where we invited all the families that have enrolled their children to start prep for next year. The program was designed to ensure both parents and their children have a positive start to school life and make a smooth transition into Prep. During this program we have been able to allow the children to experience time in each of the prep rooms and encourage them to build friendships with the current prep children in a welcoming environment where they will be next year. I have also been able to assess the needs and behaviours of certain children and link parents with our support teacher to address their needs before they enter school. External service providers and school staff provided information sessions to support parents through the transition process. I have seen amazing progress of children and parents in such a short period of time. The Hub was able to connect with additional 30 families by providing such a beneficial program. Program participants all provided positive feedback which is amazing.

This program has proven to be successful and we will make sure it runs again next year. A big thank you goes to Amber Campbell who has played a vital role in the transition of our families entering St Francis.

Tammie Usher – St Francis College

Prac Students - A great resource Pre-prep children participate in a science experiment

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