Woodridge North State School Hub High School Expo

30th July 2014

When I first started as a Hub Leader at the school, I met a mum who has a son currently in year 7. She was quite anxious already about choosing the right high school for him next year. I knew that this year was the year that both year 6 and 7 students moved up to high school, so imagined that there were many parents in a similar position, as this was all very new. I asked staff at school (such as the office ladies and the enrolment officer) about which high schools our students generally ended up attending. I then emailed these schools putting my idea forward. Six schools were included. My idea was that if we could have a representative from each school be available for our parents to approach and ask questions and gather information, then it may assist parents and students in making an informed decision.

All the schools invited were keen to be on board and agreed to the date months in advance. Throughout this time I did lots of follow up emails and calls to check in and to make sure we had resources that the schools would need (tables, power supply etc). I also requested that the schools bring enrolment forms/packs and any information about scholarships they may have on offer.

Originally, we were going to hold it in the Hub space as a means of getting parents down here, but it became bigger then first thought, so it was moved to the school hall. We also printed out hundreds of invitations and dropped them to our other local primary schools for their families as well as ours.

The day went very well. We didn’t have a great response from students at other schools, but all of our year 6 and sevens attended, and a lot of their families as well. I was surprised to see that the high schools had all sent over important people for their schools, such as Deputy Principals, Guidance Officers, Head of Curriculum and Community Liaison Officers, with one school sending seven staff! As they were all leaving they all said thankyou and “See you next year Shelly!”.”

Dave Hartley, Deputy Principal, said that the conversations between the high schools and our students and parents were very productive. He felt lucky to have a passionate Hub Leader.

Shelly O’Brien-Ingram

Community Hub Leader, Woodridge North State Primary School

Woodridge North State School Hub High School Expo Woodridge North State School Hub High School Expo

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