Community Hubs Australia

Community Hubs Australia Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to provide assistance to disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in Australia including migrants, refugees, international students and other temporary migrants. Through our national community hubs program, we work with migrant and refugee women and pre-school children, and their families to develop community connection and social cohesion.

What are community hubs?

Our community hubs are located in diverse communities around Australia. Based in primary schools and community centres, our hubs work with permanent and temporary migrants and humanitarian entrants, whether they arrived in Australia last month or last decade. The evidence-based program is highly effective in engaging migrant and refugee women and pre-school children.

In 2016 our hubs engaged 13,000 families from 101 different countries of origin. Our hub leaders engage migrant and refugee women whether they arrived last month, or last decade.

Media enquiries

Community Hubs Australia has expertise in the migrant and refugee settlement experience in Australia, in particular with regard to the experience of women and pre-school children.

Our hubs work across four key areas:

  • engaging refugee and migrant women and pre-school children
  • access to and the provision of English to migrant women and children in Australia
  • the importance of early years support for culturally and linguistically diverse children
  • vocational pathways for migrant women.

Dr Sonja Hood, CEO has over 20 years of social policy and program experience in the US, UK and Australia, a PhD from the University of Melbourne in population health, and a Master’s degree from Penn State in policy. Sonja recently presented to the Joint Committee for Migration on how the settlement system is not meeting the needs of migrant women in Australia. Sonja is able to provide information and opinion about how Australia’s settlement services system is performing in relation to outcomes for women and children.

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