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About Community Hubs

Community Hubs bring local communities and migrants together to build cohesive communities.

Community Hubs Australia works with local communities and governments in multiple Australian states to support refugees and new migrants as they achieve independence and become active community members.

Highly effective, Hubs design and manage evidence-based programs to reach and support migrant/refugee women and pre-school children, who are hard to reach through traditional services.

There are currently 55 hubs across Australia at which new migrants are given mentoring and support to access services and local community organisations. Hubs host activities such as skills training, English classes, sewing and breakfast clubs as well as volunteering opportunities and community events.

Community Hubs Australia is currently running the #Welcome movement. For more information see:

Celebrating Harmony Day 2015

Celebrating Harmony Day 2015

Coolaroo South Primary School and Kindergarten celebrated its annual Harmony Day on Wednesday 25th March 2015. The event took place between 5-7pm ensuring that working families can attend. Over 250 people attended with approximately 90 parents, 130 children and 30 staff. In the lead up to Harmony Day the children prepare decorations for display on the night and discuss the importance of Harmony Day and Multiculturalism. This year the theme for Harmony Day was ‘Thank You’. The children and staff had the opportunity to say thank you to those important people in our lives.

St Anthony’s Primary School Hub Excels in Developing Collaborative Partnerships

St Anthony’s Primary School Hub Excels in Developing Collaborative Partnerships

Community Hubs in the City of Greater Dandenong are linked to and have been attending a number of Child and Family and Settlement Service networks which are coordinated by the local Child and Family Partnership. These networks provide an opportunity for Hubs to link in and develop partnerships with key local service providers in the area. St Anthony's Primary School Hub is one of the five Hubs excelling in developing collaborative partnerships.

Volunteering in Community Hubs in Hume City- highlights from recent research

In Hume City’s 12 Community Hubs, volunteering is a well-established practice, and forms an integral part of most Hub operations. A recent research project funded by the Scanlon Foundation and delivered by Hume City Council, examined the benefits and challenges of volunteering in Community Hubs in Hume City. As a part of the project resource materials for Hub Leaders throughout Australia were developed and are currently being trialled.

Bert Oldfield Public School Hub is Buzzing with Activities

Bert Oldfield Public School Hub is Buzzing with Activities

Term 1 at Bert Oldfield Public School in Blactown New South Wales started with a difference this year; the launch of a Community Hub was introduced. The initial first weeks were getting to know the families, building relationships with parents, family members and children. At the beginning of the term, several successful morning tea’s were held with kindergarten parents. Many parents expressed interest in starting up a playgroup. The Hub Leader met with variety of agencies to glean information and develop partnerships to support the playgroup. A partnership has been developed with the Meadows SACCs who kindly offered and purchased a large amount of resources to start up a playgroup.

Dandenong Primary School Hub Community Consultation Tool

Hub leaders in City of Greater of Dandenong have worked together and shared their resources and ideas to come up with creative ways to engage, consult and launch their Hub spaces. Alison Rogers, Hub Leader at Dandenong Primary School developed a visual consultation tool which has been used by multiple Hubs in different ways. Dandenong Primary School has used this visual tool to start conversations and consult families outside the school gate and they have held a successful conversation night which has helped them better understand their community needs and priorities.

Our Partners

The National Community Hubs Program is an initiative of Community Hubs Australia, supported by the Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


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