Families have the first, longest lasting and most significant influence on their children’s learning, development and wellbeing. This makes building relationships with families central to the success of your Hub.

Engage families

To help to engage families, try to:

  • Create the right environment to make families feel welcome and comfortable being heard. Set up open-door, family-friendly spaces that address culturally specific needs—your school’s multicultural education aide might be able to help out.
  • Develop genuine connections with families by showing interest, trust and respect, being open and honest and listening and communicating clearly. Have an empathetic understanding of the issues that families in your area are dealing with.
  • Treat parents as partners. When mothers, fathers and carers are engaged in their children’s learning, this helps to improve their children’s education and life outcomes.
  • Learn about families’ needs through exploring what your community has, what it needs and the different influences on local resources.
  • Provide lots of opportunities for families to get involved and foster new leaders. Early on, invite and encourage parents to help out with planning, coordinating and running Hub activities—find out how volunteering and mentoring can help.
  • Encourage mothers, fathers and carers to contact the Hub. There are lots of different ways you can support two-way communication.
  • Explore professional development in family engagement, e.g. give Hub staff the option to attend Family Partnership training.

“Hubs need a welcoming atmosphere, time and a flexible approach because it might take a while for some parents to feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations and to acquire confidence to participate in conversations.”

Meadowbank Early Learning Centre Hub

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Page last updated: 18th September, 2014

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