Hub network

Strong relationships with other Hub professionals in your area and across Australia can strengthen your Hub.   

Hold on to good leaders

Leadership is crucial. Establishing a passionate, committed leadership team can help your Hub to operate effectively and get noticed. As part of your governance structure, you might decide that the school principal or other school staff are well-placed to work with you in playing leadership roles.

Connect and stay connected

There are lots of ways to tap into the knowledge, skills and expertise of other professionals working in Hubs in your area and around Australia. Try to:

  • gain awareness of other people’s roles
  • define crossovers and ways that you can do things together
  • work towards coordinated and collaborative service planning and action, including a localised approach to the way programs are offered, e.g. share venues and resources, and develop agreed protocols and processes
  • recognise multilingual workers in your area as a vital resource for other workers to communicate with parents
  • communicate regularly throughout the year and visit other Hub sites, e.g. set up face-to-face meetings with other Hub workers in your area and network with people in the forum
  • attend joint professional development.


You can search for and find out more about other Community Hubs through the Hub directory. You might also like to read more about working together, mentoring and networking.

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Page last updated: 18th September, 2014

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The National Community Hubs Program is an initiative of Community Hubs Australia, supported by the Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


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