The success of your Hub depends on strong, functional relationships between staff at the Hub and the primary school. 

Who to work with

These school staff could be the right people for you to work with:

  • principals
  • educators and teachers
  • school wellbeing staff
  • multicultural education aides
  • school management, human resources, environmental health and safety, finance and communications staff
  • canteen and maintenance staff.

Some of these people will also be part of your community partnership group.

Get people on board

Build and maintain strong relationships with school staff by:

  • identifying champions and leaders in the school, including those who can influence access to funding and resources
  • networking with school staff and building the capacity of others in your Hub to do this too
  • setting-up and maintaining two-way communication
  • working together to achieve your common vision.

Get practical

Some everyday ways you can build relationships with school staff include:

  • participate in school staff meetings and get to know new school staff
  • celebrate your achievements and recognise the contributions of school staff e.g. through awards, competitions and events
  • get involved in school events and activities e.g. fundraising events, holding joint open days
  • contribute to each other’s newsletters
  • provide Hub updates at school assemblies
  • coordinate training and supervision around topics of interest, e.g. developing collaborative skills or relationship building strategies
  • offer in-kind talks or seminars e.g. professionals like occupational therapists or social workers who are connected with your Hub could offer information sessions for school parents, or staff and teachers could hold sessions for your Hub like ‘Reading with your child’.

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Page last updated: 05th November, 2014

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