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Has your community partnership group discovered the services and activities that are best for families’ needs in your area? Have you planned the delivery of those services and activities? The next step is working in partnership with agencies and services to make it all happen.

Lock it in

It’s good to start small when you’re getting your Hub up and running. It’s easier that way to monitor whether the services and activities you’re providing meet families’ needs. Starting small can also help to identify where to grow next! For some ideas, have a look at what other Hubs are doing.

Invite agencies and services by sending a written invitation first, then following up with a meeting. In the meeting, establish:

  • understanding of the overall Community Hubs program and your Hub’s vision
  • the agency or service’s potential role
  • the benefits for their organisation (or individual).

Formalise your agreement

Once you have an agreement, formalise it in writing. Include details like the service to be delivered, timeframes, key contacts and responsibilities, a schedule of any future payments and billing information. Use this Memorandum of Understanding template for ideas.

Get ready to go

Before working in your Hub, all agency staff and individuals need to have a Working with Children check. The application process is different in each state and territory so it’s best to look at the specific website for your part of Australia.

Once services and agencies are on board, it’s time to start promoting your Hub’s services and activities to families. Learn more.

Have patience and persist!

It will take time for families to engage with the services and activities in your Hub. They might not feel comfortable straight away, or they might wait until other families join in. Your patience and persistence—and reassuring the school and funders that it will take time—will go a long way.

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Page last updated: 06th October, 2014

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The National Community Hubs Program is an initiative of Community Hubs Australia, supported by the Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


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