Volunteers bring valuable qualities and skills to Community Hubs and are pivotal to Hubs’ success. Volunteers are often mothers, fathers and carers of children at the Hub or school, university students or other community members.

What can volunteers do?

There are lots of ways for volunteers to get involved in your Community Hub.

These include:

  • welcoming families and visitors into the Hub
  • leading or participating in working bees
  • leading (or training others to lead) an activity such as a playgroup or cooking class
  • establishing a community garden and teaching others how to look after the garden
  • running a special interest class
  • leading or helping out with promotion of the Hub.

Support volunteers

As well as encouraging individuals to become volunteers, you can support them to grow in their role. This includes helping them to get the knowledge, skills, feedback and recognition they need to effectively carry out their responsibilities. It’s also great for volunteers to share their role, experience and knowledge with others. When a local supports another local to volunteer, there is a positive flow-on effect for the individuals and the Hub.

Benefits for volunteers

Volunteering can provide an opportunity for mothers, fathers, carers and other community members to become confident and skilled in one, or a number of areas. It can lay the groundwork for people to build on their interest areas, and lead to other training, learning or employment opportunities.

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Page last updated: 06th October, 2014

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