Work together

Developing a common way of working together and a shared language and vision are vital in creating a successful Community Hub.

Develop a shared language

Our profession and life outside of work influence how we interpret words and ideas. Your community partnership group members will come from lots of different backgrounds, so it’s important to develop a shared understanding of where the group is going and how it plans to get there. Agreeing on definitions for key terms that will be used in your Hub can really help everyone to get on the same page before diving into creating a vision.

Create a vision

A vision answers the question ‘where do we want to go?’ or ‘if we were to jump into the future, what would things look like for families in our community as a result of this Community Hub?’ Aim to make the vision for your Hub:

  • broad in nature
  • locally owned, inclusive and appropriate to the needs and challenges of the community
  • inspiring and uplifting for the community
  • easy to communicate
  • understood and shared by the community.

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Page last updated: 06th October, 2014

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The National Community Hubs Program is an initiative of Community Hubs Australia, supported by the Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


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