Connecting with your child worksheets

Five downloadable worksheets designed to help parents connect with their children. 

  • ‘Emotion Coaching Versus Dismissing’ provides examples of ways parents can coach rather than dismiss the emotions of their children. 
  • ‘Creating Connection’ contains a list of questions for children under eight years old, designed to help parents connect with children. 
  • ‘Help Label Emotions’ is a worksheet designed to help children verbally label their emotions. 
  • ‘Communicate Empathy’ contains a list of statements designed to communicate empathy and understanding to a child.
  • ‘Remembering Life as Child’ is a list of questions designed to help parents remember what life was like as a child to help them connect with their child. 

Thank you to Silvia Amici (Support Coordinator for Hume City Council) for suggesting this content.

Source: Mums Matter Psychology

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