Community Hubs Australia Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that helps build social cohesion.

We work with federal, state, and local governments; businesses; philanthropic and not-for-profit organisations; and community organisations to deliver a proven grassroot program that increases connection between individuals and communities.

The National Community Hubs Program supports culturally diverse families, particularly mothers with young children, to connect, share, and learn. Hubs bridge the gap between families and the wider community, they connect women with schools, with each other, and with organisations that can provide health, education, and support.

Community Hubs Australia is accredited under the Australian Service Excellence Standards, an accreditation that covers all corporate functions and services. This accreditation confirms CHA:

  • Operates confidently and efficiently
  • Actively applies sound management principles
  • Manages risks, and
  • Meets legislative, industry and government guidelines.

In being ASES certified, CHA is confident that:

  • We have effective communication
  • Our people work in a safe and healthy environment where diversity and inclusion are celebrated, and
  • Strong partnerships are fostered.
Families in 2023