Community hubs build social cohesion in Australia. They are welcoming places where families from diverse backgrounds, particularly mothers with preschool children, come to connect, share and learn. 

The National Community Hubs Program (NCHP) model is a proven place-based and people-centred way of building connections and social and economic capital within culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Hubs are embedded in primary schools and help bridge the gap between families and the wider community. They connect families with each other, with their school, and with local services and support.

“In the hub we are not alone. It’s a place that connects people. The hub is like a second home and we get inspired by each other.”

– Hub parent of Egyptian background

The key to a community hub’s success is the teamwork between coordinators, hub leaders, and school leadership. Community hubs work across four key areas:


Engage and connect families in culturally diverse communities.

Early childhood

Connect preschool children into playgroups and prepare them for school.


Provide opportunities to learn and practise English.

Vocational pathways

Build pathways to volunteering and employment.