Who funds our community hubs?

The National Community Hubs Program is funded and delivered by a highly effective partnership between philanthropy, all tiers of government and the education and community sectors. 

Increasing federal and state government investment, combined with consistent year-on-year funding from Scanlon Foundation, has enabled the hubs network to be steadily scaled across four states and hub programs to be significantly expanded.

For every dollar provided by the Australian Government, the hubs program draws another two dollars from other sources, either as direct funding or in-kind.

Governance structure 

The National Community Hubs Program is supported by a strong, cohesive, multi-level governance framework.

Governance at the grassroots community level, through local leadership groups, enables decisions to be made locally about how to respond to each community’s unique circumstances and needs.

The CHA Board of Directors provides high-level strategy and business acumen to guide the sustainability, direction and evolution of Community Hubs Australia.