2017 Year in Review

Community Hubs are welcoming places where migrants and refugees come to connect, share, and learn. From a pilot program in Hume, Victoria, to a national network of 63 hubs in three states, 2017 reflects steady network growth of 55%; 22 new hubs joined the program -11 hubs in Western Sydney, three in Wollongong, three in Hume, Victoria, and five in Ipswich, Queensland.

The first comprehensive survey of community hub participants, the 2017 Hubs Census, showed that 95% of people who visit hubs are female, 76% are 25-44 year of age, and 22% are in paid employment.

“We are incredibly lucky to be able to run services where no-one is ever turned away because of their visa category, country of birth, or how long they have lived in Australia” – Dr Sonja Hood, CEO, Community Hubs Australia

The National Community Hubs Program is poised to expand into a fourth state in 2018, with the anticipated opening of seven hubs in Port Adelaide Enfield and Salisbury with our partner organisation Lutheran Community Care.

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