2018 Year in Review

Community Hubs Australia proudly presents our 2018 Year in Review

Community Hubs are welcoming places where migrant and refugee families, particularly mothers with young children come to connect, share, and learn. The year 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of the visionary partnership between the Australian Government and the Scanlon Foundation, which laid the foundations for the national community hubs network. We have successfully introduced hubs into more than 70 diverse local communities across four states, and into metropolitan and regional areas.

In 2018 more than 5,300 families attended hub activities each term. Across the year, there were more than 31,000 attendances at children’s language and literacy programs, more than 21,000 attendances at English classes, and more than 10,000 adult attendances at formal training and almost 10,000 attendances at informal training across the hubs network

We look forward to continuing this impact and supporting the development of local communities and are very proud to share with you our 2018 Year in Review Read our 2018 Year in Review.