A Day in the Life of Hub Leader – Liz Arcus

A Day in the Life of Liz Arcus – Hub Leader, St Georges Road Primary School and Shepparton English Language Centre


Once at school, I check my email then check what support hub participants need, such as who needs food aid or service referrals, or just that they have what they need to get through the day.  

Two mornings a week we have a Zoom online class, and often the women don’t speak English or have limited English.  So, either myself, or with the help of translators, I help them navigate the program timetable and the technology so they can connect with the Zoom meetings. There’s been lots of one-one-one or small group training to learn how to use Zoom, particularly given social distancing measures in place 

I  have a team of 11 volunteers, so I spend time planning and mobilising the volunteers. Volunteers are instrumental in making the home packs at the moment. Examples of packs include English learning, sewing, gardening, cooking, family activity as well as wellbeing kits. The volunteers help plan, prepare and drop off the packs with the assistance of staff from the Shepparton English Language Centre. 


There’s been an increase in service referrals too, so I spend time working through these. All of this is followed by report writing, which I do nearly every day.  

In amongst this are the daily What’s app chats/check ins with hub members. These are to check on wellbeing, plus an important link to school and their children’s home learning. If there is anything that they aren’t sure of or don’t understand, I work to be the connector between hub members and the school – to help work things out.  

Each day I share early years and family activities, school notices, community notices, via what’s app group and text messages. Regular updates on our hub Facebook page and connecting with the school, the language centre, the playgroup leader, area coordinator, kinder and volunteers. 

A little bit about Liz 

Liz came to her role as Hub Leader after working as a professional photographer for thirty years. Outside Liz’s photography career, she worked and volunteered with CALD and marginal communities.   

Liz is a passionate advocate for women who may be vulnerable and socially isolated. Working to reduce people’s isolation and nurture wellbeing for all ages is what drives her in her role as hub leader.  

*This is Liz’s typical day with Covid-19 restrictions in place. No doubt as restrictions slowly lift, things will look a little bit different again.