Refugee Week Hub Stories – Shaza’s Story

Shaza is from Syria and has been in Australia for one year. She learns English in the hub, does sewing, cooking and gardening. She also brings her son to playgroup in the hub.

This is Shaza’s story in her own words.

“My name is Shaza, I am from Syria. I have been here for one year. I want to stay here, I am very happy. My country was beautiful but there is war. It is a beautiful place, Syria. My language is Arabic. In Syria I was an Arabic teacher in secondary school.

I came to Australia because I want my children to learn here, to get an education. And I want to learn here. I want to complete my study and to live here safely. I left Syria and went to Jordan where I stayed for eight years. After that I travelled to Australia.

All my family are still in Syria – my Mum and Dad, bothers and sisters… I came to Australia with my husband, and my five children. Australia is very beautiful. It’s very big, very far from my country. Everything in Australia is new to me – roads, weather, houses, the people. I like that the people are friendly.

Coming to the hub has been very useful – I can practise my language. It has made me strong, because at first I was very scared, it’s made me friendly. I have new friends, I made my best friend in the hub. And I learn more things, sewing, cooking and the best thing, the language. Without the hub, I would be sitting at home. It has helped me learn about Australia… it makes me happy.

I came to the hub because I wanted to learn English, but I’ve joined in the sewing, and gardening. And in my garden now I have parsley, tomatoes, corn, eggplant and many other things. I also bring my youngest son to the hub, he is three years old and he is very happy at the hub. Thank you to everyone in the hub, it makes us very happy.”