Three new community hubs launch

Three new community hubs are officially open in Wollongong with a vibrant whole of school event at Wollongong Public School that included a student choir, and personal stories of settlement.

Federal, state and local politicians Sharon Bird, Paul Scully, and Gareth Ward along with Lord Mayor, Gordon Bradbury, all raised the importance of education and community.

Paul Scully MP said, “My mother arrived from Germany in 1953 as a five-year-old…if she had a community hub, settling here might have been easier”.

Wollongong Public School’s leaders spoke of how having a community hub opened their eyes and deepened their understanding of what it means to come to Australia seeking a home.

“Our community hub is a special place in our school and we are very glad that it’s here”, said Maeve Bradbury, Wollongong School Captain.

A Syrian woman, who has only been learning English through her community hub this year, spoke eloquently about the positive impact it is having on her life.

Illawarra Multicultural Services acting CEO Hussam Hattar said ” My mother told me that moving to another country is like pulling up a tree and planting it elsewhere – it might thrive, it might die.”