Raising Children: Low-cost play ideas

Children’s play doesn’t have to cost a lot. Raising Children’s expert shares ideas for open-ended materials that are great for children of all ages. Open-ended materials cost little or nothing and include things like balls, recycled cardboard and fabric. Natural materials like leaves, petals and shells are great too. These materials are great for children’s development and encourage thinking, imagining and problem-solving.

Source: Raising Children

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Great way to share ideas with parents that you don’t need to always have expensive toys to have fun.

Debbie Vivian
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Thank you for sharing this great resource. I have shared it with my playgroup families through my whatsApp group. Play is the highest form of research.

Ruba Gondal
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Thank you for sharing, I have shared this in my Facebook page. Its important to remind our community that children don’t always need toys to play 🙂

Richa Aryal
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