12. Thrive

Surround yourself with support

There’s no need to go it alone. While you are the hub leader and the most critical factor to your hub’s success, there is plenty of support available to help you thrive in your role.

A hub leader’s role is unique in a school environment, so it’s important to make connections across the school and the community so you don’t feel isolated. Our state and national support teams, and other hub leaders, are also only a phone call or email away, so please make the most of us!

What works – insights from hub leaders

  • Get to know the members of your school’s welfare team so you can draw on their support and offer them yours.
  • Make opportunities to connect with other local community hub leaders a priority in your diary. Look for ways to provide hands-on and moral support to each other.
  • Make use of our buddy program, which can connect you with experienced hub leaders who can help you increase your skills and knowledge in specific areas. Your buddy can be a great sounding board for ideas and challenges.
  • Join our regular national dial-in sessions for hub leaders. This informal forum helps hub leaders connect with each other, share ideas and stories, and problem solve together.
  • Find out who provides your school’s Employee Assistance Scheme service and access the free counselling sessions if you need help with personal or professional issues.


“You can’t run everything yourself, that’s one big lesson I’ve learned. You need to delegate, you need to ask people for help, you need to use volunteers as well and upskill them too, so that everyone is winning.”

Contact CHA info@communityhubs.org.au to learn more about opportunities to connect with other hub leaders through the dial-in sessions and a buddy program.