How to use this Guide

A guide, not a manual

This guide is designed to help hub leaders and host schools achieve the best possible outcomes for their community hub.

While the content speaks directly to hub leaders, we hope it will also be a valuable source of information and inspiration for hub support coordinators, school leaders and hub partners.

This guide presents examples and tips about what has worked well in our hubs to date. However, the success of our community hubs model relies on each hub being able to offer flexible, placed-based programs tailored to the needs of their local community. So try what we suggest and if it doesn’t work, come up with solutions that work for your hub, your school and your families.

Then let us know what’s worked and what hasn’t. Members of our national hubs network are always sharing and learning from each other.

This guide is designed to evolve and be updated over time and may not answer all your questions. It’s important to connect with other hub leaders and support coordinators through our national ‘community of practice’ to ask questions and learn about what’s happening in other hubs.

A practical resource

Throughout this guide you will find:

Success stories direct from the hubs.

Helpful tips from established hub leaders.


What hub leaders say has worked well in their hubs.

Video stories direct from the hubs.


A toolbox with links to additional information, checklists, templates and resources.