This checklist is to be used as a reference guide by the school principal, support coordinator and new hub leader.

The school principal will:

  • Introduce the hub leader to the leadership group and explain the impact that a hub will have on children’s learning outcomes and how the hub will contribute to the school’s strategic plan. The principal and the hub leader will share the aims of community hubs with the leadership group.
  • Show the hub leader the space designated for the hub and discuss a shared vision for how this will be decorated and the budget that is available.
  • Provide an orientation to the school, introducing the hub leader to school staff and the welfare team.
  • Share information about parent committees, how they work and when they meet. Provide an introduction to the committee/s.
  • Invite the hub leader to staff meetings to speak what the hub is and what it will be doing.
  • Discuss what existing work is being done with families, what has worked and any challenges (e.g. any transition programs).
  • Allocate the hub leader a buddy from the staff/leadership team so they have someone they can check in with to familiarise themselves with the school when they start.
  • Arrange a regular catch up with the hub leader to discuss priorities, how the hub is progressing and work through any challenges.

The hub support agency/hub support coordinator will:

  • Provide an overview of the National Community Hubs Program model, including the national focus and the various roles of the team.
  • Introduce the hub leader to the program’s outcomes framework and philosophy statement.
  • Supply a copy of this guide and review the position description with the hub leader, providing examples of how different hubs operate.
  • Introduce hub leaders to each other at a local hub leaders’ meeting and share each other’s contact details. Provide a schedule of hub leader meetings for the remainder of the term/year.
  • Provide an overview of the professional development that will be available and assess, together with the hub leader, what knowledge and skills may be beneficial for them to learn.
  • Provide an overview of existing networks and partnerships and discuss strategies to make broader connections.
  • Introduce the new hub leader to the national team and link them to our community of practice through hub leader dial-in sessions and the hubs network buddy program.
  • Introduce the hub leader to other relevant team members at the support agency.
  • Provide a list of key contacts and links to networks.
  • Explain reporting requirements, as well as the importance of collecting and sharing stories.
  • Provide an introduction to the website and our social media.
  • Arrange for the hub leader to have access to the protected sections of the website and provide an orientation to resources available on the site, including where key program templates for are stored.
  • If applicable, provide some background about the hub’s history and development.

The support agency or principal (depending on contract arrangements) will also:

  • Show the hub leader their work space (computer and phone) and set them up with an email and access to print/scan.
  • Help them complete their contract and explain payroll, leave and other staffing related matters.
  • Explain the IT system and where and how to save work related files.
  • Explain the funding available for the hub, the process for accessing program related funds and the reimbursement process.